13th International Conference on Thai Studies "Globalized Thailand?" Connectivity, Conflict, and Conundrums of Thai Studies

2017-07-15 09:00
2017-07-18 18:00


Date Time Session Room Title Abstract/Paper
15 July 2017
15 Jul 2017 13.30-15.30     Registration at Chiang Mai Exhibition and Convention Center (CMECC)
15 Jul 2017 15.30-15.50     Introduction to ICTS13 by Dr. Chayan Vaddhanaphuti, Academic Chair, ICTS13
Welcome and Opening by Professor Emeritus Avudh Srisukri, M.D., Vice Chairman of University Council and Acting President of Chiang Mai University
15 Jul 2017 15.50-16.45     Plenary - Keynote I Katherine A. Bowie, Professor of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
"Khruba Srivichai: From Sacred Biography to National Historiography"
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 1 1 Critical Conversations with Ajarn Ben [Roundtable]
Coordinator: Thak Chaloemtiarana
  1. Apichatpong Weerasethakul
  2. Coeli Barry
  3. Craig Reynolds
  4. Pakavadi Verapaspong
  5. James Ockey
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 2 2 New Mekong Thinking : Connectivity and Conflict
Convener: Ukrist Pathmanand
Discussant: Rosalia Sciortino
1. How the Mekong Regionalized Its Wealth and Influence : A Thai Perspective 
Ukrist Pathmanand
2. Mekong Regional Conflict : Past and Future 
Theera Nudhpieam
3. Chinese in Laos PDR : When, Why and of What Significance Towards the Mekong Region ? 
Adison Siemyem
4. Route 3 as a New Outlook : Thai Fruit, Chinese Merchant and Region Connectivity 
Wannarat Tantrakonsup
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 3 3 State of Knowledge on Gender and Sexual Diversity in Thailand
Discussant: Panitee Brown
1. Review of Studies of Gender and Sexual Diversity in Thailand in Thai and International Academic Publications 
Peter Jackson, and Narupon Duangwises
2. Male Peer Groups as the Building Blocks of Masculinities: Patterns of Homosociality and the Heterosexual Sex Industry in Thailand 
Cassie Defillipo
3. Symbolic Interactionism in Creating Women’s Self : A Case Study of “Cougar” Woman in Heterosexual Age-Gap Relationship 
Jantanee Kanto
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 4 4 State of Knowledge on Land Governance in Thailand
Chair: Philip Hirsch
Discussant: Chusak Wittayapak
1. Urban and Peri-Urban Land Conflict and Governance in Thailand 
Monchai Phongsiri
2. Boom Crops and Land Relations: Reviewing Concepts, Conflicts and Challenges for Thailand’s Future Land Studies 
Sakkarin Na Nan
3. Green Agendas and Land Relations in Thailand: The State of Knowledge (2001 Onwards) 
Nattakant Akarapongpisak
4. Land Exclusion and Dispossession from SEZ Policies in the Greater Mekong Subregion: Comparative Studies between Thailand and Neighbouring Countries 
Pornpana Kuaycharoen, Phurinat Chotiwan, Suebsakun Kitnukorn, and Tiwat Dumkaew
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 5 5 Thailand’s Contradictions and the State of Knowledge in Labor Studies [Roundtalble]
Coordinator: Kriangsak Teerakowitkajorn
Chair: Wattana Sugunnasil
  1. Gender Perspective, Women’s Roles and Economic Development
    Peter Bell
  2. Thai Labor and Its Relationship with Economic Inequality
    Voravidh Chareonlert
  3. Consciousness and Competency of Thai Workers in Responding to Social Conflict
    Patchanee Kumnak
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 6 6 Interface between Local Knowledge and Scientific Knowledge: Disaster Management in Thailand
Convener: Masayuki Nishida
Discussant: Santita Ganjanapan
1. White Eel and Virtuous Widow in Lost City: Archiving Northern Thai Folklore of Natural Disasters 
2. Narrative Analysis of Forest Burning in Chiang Mai Province: Man-Made Disaster or the Way of Life 
Masayuki Nishida
3. Natural Disasters and Disaster Management in Thailand: Status, Risks, and Trends 
Tadashi NAKASU
4. Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Local Communities and Technical Agencies in Flood Early Warning in Ayutthaya, Thailand 
Warittha Wannathong
15 Jul 2017 16.45-18.15 7 7 The Politics of Thai Education
Convener: Vong-On Phuaphansawat
Discussant: Yukti Mukdawijitra
1. Unpacking the Narrative of Educational Failure: Thailand in the Standardized Testing Era 
Jennifer Goodman
2. Ambivalence to Quality: Thai Universities' Reception to Global Education Policy 
Rattana Lao
3. From Bureaucratic Polity to Neo-Pluralism and Institutionalism: The Politics of Thai Higher Education 
Pad Lavankura



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